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Residential Renovations

SOUTH BREVARD ELECTRIC works with home owners and general contractors on residential renovations in Brevard county.

When a house or parts of a house is renovated, the electrical wiring and other crucial electrical services usually needs to be added or upgraded.

  • The Importance of Upgrading Your Home Electrical Wiring

When a home is renovated, some of the most important changes you make aren’t ones you can see. The correct home electrical wiring is critical in terms of safety and proper operation. Many in Brevard County have redone their kitchens  brand new appliances, only to find that the home’s old wiring couldn’t handle the strain.

SOUTH BREVARD ELECTRIC evaluates the home’s existing residential wiring, making sure the home’s 120-volt and 240-volt circuits can handle the new requirements of your renovation. If you’re going to upgrade your home electrical wiring, upgrade it the right way with SOUTH BREVARD ELECTRIC.

  • Updating Your Home’s Lighting

With the popularization of LED lighting, why not take advantage low consumption lights when you renovate your house. We work with builders and homeowners to upgrade parts of of the entire house with energy efficient and bright LED lighting fixtures. From recessed lighting to dimmers, decorative wall sconces, and other aesthetically-pleasing additions, we can help.

  • Updating Your Ceiling Fans

New high-efficiency ceiling fans upgrade are a great project to improve home comfort, lower energy bills and add value to your house. SOUTH BREVARD ELECTRIC installs and maintains ceiling fans.


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  • South Brevard Electric Testimonials Nick Romain 03.10.2013

    Jimmy did all the electrical work on the house we built in Viera, FL. He did an amazing job in terms of attention to details. During construction, Jimmy had us walk through the house with him to go over every switch and outlet location to make sure we would be satisfied. Everything turned out great and we could not be happier with our house electrical set up. A+


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