When Should You Schedule an Electrical Inspection?


Many home and business owners in Melbourne, Florida are accustomed to scheduling electrical inspections as a part of a larger home inspection process, particularly when selling or buying a home. When buying a home, this is a crucial part of the process to fully assess the homes functionality and more importantly, its safety. The new buyer will want to be sure any needed repairs are completed before the exchange of the deed.

There are quite a few other instances where we strongly suggest you consider getting an electrical inspection:

1. After and hurricane or storm damage – In Melbourne, FL we’re all accustomed to hurricanes/storms and the damage they can cause to not only your electrical system but also your home. Schedule an inspection immediately if a part of your home was struck by lightning, if a wired area in your home was water damaged, or if debris or tree limbs were brought down or fell on any power lines on your property.

2. When it is required by the homeowner’s insurance company – You will most likely need to submit intermittent inspections of your electrical system to your insurance company, depending on the company and the policy itself. In this type of situation, you would be required to have any issues or problems fixed immediately to avoid changes or cancellations of your policy. Let our team of experts assist you!

3. Before any major home renovations or upgrades – Upon planning any major upgrades or additions to your home, it is vital to get an inspection beforehand. You’ll want to make sure your currently electrical system has the capability to handle the extra power that will be required by the new receptacle and fixtures. You will also want to know if there are and repairs that need to be made. Getting these taken care of during the renovation will most likely save you not only money but also time.

4. If no proper inspection was given before buying – If you weren’t able to get an inspection before you bought the home for whatever reason, it is still vital to get one now. There could be issues that range from minor to disaster, and you need to know what they are to ensure the safety of your home. It’s not too late to schedule that inspection.

5. If you are living in an older home – If you live in a home that is approximately 25 to 30 years-old, it should be inspected every few years. One reason being, products and materials inevitably break down overtime as nothing lasts forever. It is better to be safe than sorry, even more so if you have a historical home.

Even if you have done an electrical repair yourself, it doesn’t hurt to have it inspected by a licensed professional, especially if you have even a little uncertainty. Call us today or fill out the contact form here on our site to schedule an inspection, have any questions, or need a quote. We’re happy to help.