New Residential Construction

New Residential Construction

South Brevard Electric works with local builders and general contractors on brand new residential constructions in Brevard county.

If your constructing a new residential building or building the home of your dreams in the Melbourne, FL area, look no further. South Brevard Electric to the rescue to handle all of your electrical service needs! The electrical wiring can be one of the trickiest parts of a new home build. Let our team of electrical experts help guide you through this process, you can rest assured the job will be completed with the highest quality of standards. When you are building a new home, it is crucial that you take time to consider which electrical components your new home should have.

That being said, when you decide to build a new home you have the opportunity to customize everything exactly as you wish, that is exciting! When you rent a home or move into a pre-existing home you don’t get any control over the wiring. Lighting, socket placement and light switches should be a few of the major details in your new home building plans, socket placement plays a bigger role in your daily life and convenience then some people may realize. Besides lighting and socket considerations, we will help ensure that the electrical system in its entirety offers safety and efficiency.

It’s critical that the new wiring and electrical equipment is installed accurately the first time, so issues don’t develop later on. Errors in the electrical wiring can result in fires, injuries, electric shock and equipment malfunctions and even death. Another thing to keep in mind is that different areas/counties have strict building codes to adhere to, when you hire South Brevard Electric, your hiring an experienced, certified professional who is up to date on the latest code regulations. If a building or the electrical work fails to meet code, damages may not be covered by insurance in the event property damage occurred as a result of electrical issues.

Furthermore, without an efficient electrical system, your dream home will not be able to perform at its peak performance level. Before you start building, lets take a look at a few of the numerous things to consider that can and affect and determine the level of safety, comfort and convenience for you and your family.


Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlet placement is vital to ensure proper functionality of a space. The most important room to keep this in mind with is the kitchen, then bedrooms, bathrooms and so on. When it comes to the kitchen, we recommend placing the outlets approximately four feet apart, we plug more devices into our kitchen outlets then we realize, coffee makers, blenders, mixers, can openers, etc. For the rest of the house, we recommend placing outlets approximately 10 feet apart, use your discretion, you may want an extra outlet in a specific room depending on what it will be used for. Visualize the room and think about what furniture pieces will be in that room, you might not want an outlet to be covered by a bed or a couch, for example. Think of where you may plug in lamps and phone chargers. Don’t forget about the bathroom, pick a safe place for an outlet for your hair dryers, shavers, and electric toothbrushes, etc.


Light Switch Layout

We recommend looking over the blueprints for your new home and envisioning yourself walking through the home, every room, every hallway, staircase, etc. Doing this will allow you to figure out where exactly you would want your light switches to be and how many you need/want. It is important to keep certain things in mind during this planning process, for example: if your new home has a staircase, you will want to be sure to include a light switch at the top and the bottom of the staircase. If the home has long hallways, again, be sure to include a switch at the beginning and the end, perhaps even half way through the hallway. Also, keep in mind your décor and where you might want to hang pictures or paintings. Ensure the light switches will not be out of reach for all family members, and won’t be in the way of your décor.


Eco-Friendly Materials

A factor that is sometimes overlooked is the materials used during the construction process, more so… its overlooked if the materials are ‘eco-friendly’ or not. This is important to keep in mind, as the world moves towards an eco-friendlier, planet conscious era, if you will. We recommend asking about the materials used for the electrical wiring, its an important question when you are shopping around and getting your quotes. We have materials available that are pest-resistant, fire-resistant, affordable and more. The material used can have a greater impact than expected. South Brevard Electric is here to answer any questions you may have.


Air Conditioning and Fans

Melbourne, Fl., and surrounding areas, almost the whole state actually, can experience sweltering temperatures year-round. The hottest temperatures are in the summer though of course. A good combination of ceiling fans (along with central air) will ensure you keep your home and the people who live there comfortable throughout the year. We can install ceiling fans with ease, contact us today for a quote. We look forward to hearing from you, even if you just need a ceiling fan installed, no job is too small (or too large) for us!


Choosing the Right Contractor

Choosing the right contractor makes all the difference, check out our home page for more info on why the researching and getting to know the contractor, is vital, to ensure your electrical job gets done efficiently, safely and properly. Especially by a certified, licensed, local professional electrician.

No matter what your residential electrical service needs may be, from remodeling to new installation and everything in between, South Brevard Electric is your top choice! One last tip to keep in mind is to remember to think ahead to the future. If you are doing a small remodel, keep in mind that it is very possible you may have another small OR large remodel ahead of you down the road. If you are building a new home, keep in mind that you may want to expand upon the home later on. Either way, you might end up needing more power to supply any future development, like for example, a new home security system or a pool. Our team of experts will help with your current work, and can also plan and give insight on any future electrical plans.

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