Residential Remodel

Residential Remodel

South Brevard Electric works with local builders and general contractors on brand residential remodeling in Brevard county.

Electrical systems that are properly functioning in your home are crucial, for a number of reasons. Electrical issues are not only inconvenient, but they can also be a serious safety issue. Embarking on a residential remodel, can seem nerve wracking, let us handle the electrical planning/stress, South Brevard Electric has you covered! Our company has been happily serving Brevard County for nearly three decades.

South Brevard Electric provides electrical installations and upgrades for homeowners in Melbourne, Fl., and surrounding areas. Residential remodels and renovations are one of our main specialties. It is very important to us to work closely with homeowners, no matter how specific and unique the requests/job may be. A key factor to any renovation or remodel is the electrical system, no matter if just one room is getting remodeled, or the entire house. There are numerous aspects to consider throughout this process, such as local code compliance, power requirements, and permitting. The professional, knowledgeable staff of South Brevard Electric can answer any questions you may have. Whenever you plan a remodel for your home, your investing not only money into the project, but also time and effort to design and custom tailor the project to your exact liking. That being said, its important to protect your investment by updating the electrical systems and wiring. Doing so will not only ensure the efficiency and safety of your new electrical systems, it will protect your newly remodeled space and the upgrades to the lighting fixtures and design can add value to your home.

When it comes to home remodels, bathroom and kitchen renovations can be especially complex, it’s a must to hire and rely on experienced electricians, like the team at South Brevard Electric. We will make sure that all newly installed electrical components are up-to-date with safety requirements and code compliance. Our team is happy to assist with a number of items that are a part of a remodel, such as light fixture installation, rewiring, and lighting upgrades, to name a few.

If your home is older and depending on how much of the home you are remodeling, one of the first things to consider is if the electrical panel is large enough for the proposed electrical loads that will result from added square footage, lighting, and new appliances, etc. The electrical estimating and design professionals of South Brevard Electric will guide you to understand your projects electrical needs and will work closely with you to formulate an electrical installation plan that will meet your specific needs, including design expectations and budget. Sometimes, an electrical system upgrade can be an unanticipated cost during the renovation, however, it is best to take care of any electrical issues, during the process of remodeling, as opposed to after. Money and frustration will be saved in the long run.

Planning the electrical wiring diagram early on in the design phase will be the most cost-effective path, consider how you will be using your newly remodeled rooms or new addition(s) to your home. Imagine where you would like the electrical outlets, TV outlets, electrical switches, lighting etc. You’ll have to consider if you will want to have the ability to control certain lights from multiple locations, for example.

At times we have been hired to fix previous issues caused by another company. So, if you’ve had a remodel recently done by another electrician and think you are experiencing issues, call a company with a proven track record you can count on. Even if you believe what you are experiencing is just a minor electrical issue, its best to have it checked out by a professional, to be sure it isn’t a safety hazard:

  • Light switches that feel warm to the touch or aren’t working properly
  • Frequent blown fuses or tripped breaker
  • Power surges
  • Bulbs burning out often/ flickering lights
  • GFCI outlets that won’t reset
  • Outlets that don’t work and/or have burn marks

Whether you need an electrician/contractor for your remodel, renovation, new construction, or repair, give us a call today. Our goal is to offer the utmost respect to you and your home, be punctual, keep workplace cleanliness in mind, and go beyond the rest of the competition to keep our customers happy. South Brevard Electric is family owned and operated; this really sets the precedence of how we aim to treat our customers, like family! If you are planning a residential remodel or renovation contact us today by filling out the form on our site or giving us a call. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business in Melbourne and surrounding areas!

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