Electrical Panel Replacements

(Federal Pacific Electric/Zinsco Panel Replacements)

Panel Replacements

South Brevard Electric works with home owners on panel replacements in Brevard county.

South Brevard Electric is your go-to company for panel replacements, we specialize specifically in Federal Pacific and Zinsco brands, but also many more. The electrical panel of your home or business regulates the electricity that is running through your home. If there is too high of a demand on a particular circuit, a circuit breaker is tripped within the electrical panel, to stop the electricity from overloading the wiring. An overload can result in a fire, so its the electrical panels job to break the circuit and regulate the electricity in the system and keep you and your family from harm.

Aged electrical panels can malfunction, however, more often than not the problem stems from overloaded circuits. In the early stages of the issue you might notice flickering lights, or that you have to turn an appliance off to use another that is plugged into the same outlet. Now if the panel is malfunctioning or even defective, the breakers will trip often, they may even fail to trip and someone could accidently get shocked. Worst case scenario could be that the breaker totally fails to trip which could result in melted wires, smoke, and or fire due to overheating.

Two popular electrical panel companies that require the majority of replacements we do include Zinsco and Federal Pacific Electric or FPE. Zinsco panel; were taken off the market in the 1970s. Many had defective designs that allowed the flow of power to continue even when the breaker was switched off! Take a look at the panel for your home, especially if it is an older home, if you have a Zinsco Electrical Panel, call us immediately to have it replaced. Federal Pacific Electric Electrical Panels that were installed in homes between 1950 and 1980, have design and manufacturing flaws/defects as well. The defects in these panels may cause fires and electric shocks, have these replaced immediately as well. Electrical Panels installed after 1990 are generally safe, but its still a good idea to have these inspected periodically, and absolutely if you notice any issues.

Should I Repair or Replace my Electrical Panel?

In some instances, we are able to repair your current panel. Other times a full upgrade/replacement is the best idea, our knowledgeable electricians will inspect and determine whether or not you should replace or repair your panel. Schedule an appointment with us and our electrician(s) will come out to your Melbourne, FL., home and assess the household energy demands and how efficient your current electrical system is functioning. A common panel replacement/repair may include:

  • Rewiring the electrical panel
  • Relocating the electrical panel due to water or concerns
  • Circuit breaker replacement
  • Bus bar Replacement
  • Circuit break installation and upgrades

Don’t hesitate to ensure the safety of your family, contact us today for an appointment. Our electricians will meet you in a timely manner and measure how much power is being used on the circuits, we will thoroughly check your electrical panel for safety and efficiency. If a new panel is required, it will surely meet any and all local and state regulations/codes. Protect your family and the investment of your home with a properly functioning electrical panel. We look forward to hearing from you.

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